Karthik Aryan Parks Car On Wrong Side, Mumbai Traffic Police Teaches ‘Shahzada’ Traffic Rules

The name of the famous Hindi film actor Karthik Aryan keeps making headlines every day. Karthik Aryan often remains a part of the spotlight regarding his films. But at present, for some other reason, Karthik’s name remains in the discussion. Karthik Aryan has been warned in transparent style by Mumbai Traffic Police about parking cars on the wrong side on the road.

Sharing the image of Bollywood actor Karthik Aryan’s Lamborghini car on his Twitter account, the Mumbai Traffic Police wrote: ‘The problem was that the car was parked at the wrong address. You should never make this mistake and never think that the prince may violate the traffic rules. Although the license plate has been blurred, the license plate of the car can be seen clearly. The name and dialogue from Karthik Aryan’s films have been used by the Mumbai Police to bring awareness to the common people.

Recently, Karthik Aryan’s film ‘Shehzada’ has been released on the cinema screen. The actor’s name was not mentioned in the tweet addressed to the police. But the registration plate of the car says that the vehicle is registered in the name of Karthik Aryan.

While talking about Karthik Aryan’s film ‘Shehzada’, Karthik ‘Shehzada’ was released in theaters on Friday. According to business analyst Taran Adarsh, ‘Shehzada’ has grossed over Rs 6 crore in the first day of its release. Now let’s see how many crores this Karthik Aryan ‘Shehzada’ does business in the first weekend. Actress Kriti Sanon is also present in this film along with Karthik.

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