Journalist Camila García returns to television with a season proposal, “To tell it”

The journalist and communicator Camila Garcia Duran returns to the small screen with “Para contarlo”, a new season proposal that will premiere on Telesistema channel 11 this June 18 and will be broadcast every Sunday at 10:30 p.m. for three months.

According to a press release, the theme includes a dozen reports that cover testimonials, trajectories, history, culture, sports, among other issues, where various people are the common thread of each episode in which they narrate life anecdotes worth listening to. , for its sobering essence.

“Para Contarlo is born from the desire to give a space and a voice to what is really worth it; to the many good people that our country has, to the richness of our culture, to our sports glories, to the talent of our musicians, to the gallantry of any ordinary citizen who gets up every day to work in silence to leave their homeland a little better than he found it,” said García Durán.

Likewise, he stated that he has been devising this project for a long time, and although it has been a long process in which he has been involved from the production to the final edition, every minute has been worth it, because he understands that he has managed to materialize a proposal of quality, which he hopes viewers will gladly receive in their homes.

“To each of the people who have crossed my path and who have somehow made me here today, let them know that I do not forget them. To those who are my rock, my stalwarts who have supported me and believed in me when I haven’t even done it myself, I lack life to thank them.

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Camila García Durán graduated from the School of Advertising Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Unibe), she has a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the Florida International University (FIU).

It should be noted that the presenter, in December 2022, announced that she was closing a stage in her life and saying goodbye to a daily television program in which she had worked since 2020, “Esta Noche Mariasela”.

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