BNP-Jamaat took possession of the artists’ association?

“Alochit” took place on April 19th. Bangladesh Choice of film company. Most people in the country are interested in this choice of stars. A total of 48 candidates from two bodies, including six independents, ran in this election. One of the two bodies had actor Misha Saudagar as president and Manowar Hossain Dipzal as general secretary.

In the other, the once popular hero Mahmud Koli as president and actress Nipun Akhter as general secretary. Mischa Saudagar and Secretary General Deepjol won the office of president with a majority of votes. Both are celebrated on screen as villains. Their rise in the age of obscenity.
When the BNP-Jamaat alliance was in power in the country. Many claim that one can tell the beginning of obscenity in films from their hands.

In addition, the two were also involved in BNP-Jamaat politics. It is known that the newly elected Misha Saudagar was once vice president of the BNP cultural organization Jasas.

Google also attributes his image to former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. At that time, this actor was a regular presence at various events organized by the BNP. But over time he has changed. Now he belongs to the Awami family. Not just gharana, he also denied ever being involved in BNP politics.

King Monowar Hussain Dipzal of Mirpur rose through BNP politics in the same situation. In 1994, he became the Commissioner of District No. 9 of Dhaka City Corporation. At that time the BNP coalition was in power. He then served as commissioner for three consecutive terms. Despite being a BNP-backed city council candidate, he claims he has repeatedly won as an independent candidate. At the time, many people said he was seen openly in BNP politics. He was imprisoned under an army-backed transitional regime. At that time, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) also filed a lawsuit against him and his wife. However, Dipzal has also changed the volume. He is now a full-fledged employee of the Awami League. In addition, he attempted to become an Awami League candidate in a Dhaka by-election in 2021. However, he was not sold the nomination form when he resigned from the BNP.

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Rubel, Joy Chowdhury and Alexander Bo, who currently hold various positions on the committee, are known to have been associated with BNP and Jamaat politics at various times. But now they are in complete denial.

Siva Shanu, a Shilpi Samiti member who led the fight with journalists after being sworn into the new committee yesterday, is still closely associated with BNP politics. His presence in various broadcasts on BNP’s social media page is still visible.

Given this, many think that the Film Artists Association has been taken over by the BNP genre leaders? Then the spate of obscenities in Bengali films will begin again? This fear was heightened by the “disgusting” incident at yesterday’s swearing-in ceremony.

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