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The cursed semifinal

The cursed semifinal

Cursed, we say, for the aftermathbecause look that they have tried, but Nothing good has come out of a Barça-Madrid semifinal in the Euroleague until now for Spanish basketball. Understand the categoricalness: we are not talking about the quality of the game or what a duel between the two at the top means, but about the subsequent outcome in the final. The one this Friday in Kaunas (20:00, Dazn) will be the fifth Classic in the penultimate step, because in 65 years of history of European competitions, they have never crossed paths in the last. It could have been, it was close; it didn’t happen. Neither this year.

Of the previous four semifinalsthe first was won by Barça against Laso player (1996) and the next three were taken by Madrid with the coach Laso (2013, 2014 and the one a year ago, 2022). What happened next is European Cup history: Vrankovic’s illegal stopper against Barça’s Montero and, in a Merengue key, the 17 points come back by Spanoulis’ army, the irruption of Macabeo Rice and the victory by one point 12 months ago for Micic and his troops.

The fifth time may be the charm, but the previous revalidation is a Clásico of aúpa, where Barcelona starts as a favorite (also slightly ahead of Olympiacos in the title pools). He comes strong, with confidencewithout Higgins, but with Laprovittola after a step forward from several key players: Satoransky, Vesely… The Czech, by the way, has recovered from low back pain, like Kalinic from a shoulder. The third Final Four followed by culé, the sixth in Mirotic’s career, because the recipe for success in this format exists and has been known for a long time: always come back to keep trying. Without the residue of defeat, there is no glory.

Jasikevicius was calm yesterday, he sees his strong and mentalized, in an ascending line. It will be his Clásico 25 in just three seasons (there is no better button to check that the calendar is saturated), with a fantastic record of 15 wins and 9 losses. That said, Barça’s biggest problem may be Madrid, the one at H hour on D-day, the one with the old guard grown up when the big thing comes along. We saw it against Partizan, they want to repeat now.

“There is no going back, no favorites, no injuries… or anything,” Chus Mateo assured with some emotion in the previous hours. But yes there are, absences, and three very important inside: the suspended Yabusele and the injured Poirier and Deckone of the referents of the squad. Tavares has been left without a replacement against Vesely and Sanli, who will try to punish him from the triple. And in the four Real can find more options (Ndiaye, Randolph and Cornelie, if he enters the call), even punctual ones like Abalde and Rudy, although Hezonja’s performance seems decisive in the face to face with Mirotic if you want to flip the forecasts. Also the irruption of Sergio Rodríguez and Williams-Goss against Satoransky, while Jasikevicius, in addition to attacking Tavares with all his arsenal, will have a plan to control Musa. By the way, will there be a white zone defense…? The home Clásico goes to Europe, and it’s huge there too. Half a degree is worth, the other half depends on a curse that must be brought down.

The Zalgirio Arena is one of the jewels of the Euroleague

The Euroleague closed the regular phase, its 34 days, with an all-time public record: 8,748 spectators on average in the 18 pavilions, with the Stark Arena in Belgrade attracting more people due to its capacity, although none higher in occupancy than the Zalgirio Arena in Kaunas , with 96% of its more than 15,000 seats full during the course. The Lithuanian pavilion, voted by club officials as the best in the competition, is one of the jewels in the Euroleague crown. The enclosure It was inaugurated by the Spanish National Team in August 2011 in a friendly against Lithuania and a few weeks later it hosted the Eurobasket that was the second gold for Spain in the continental event. A year ago a swimming pool was opened in the same complex, which also has a gigantic gym on several floors. In this Final Four the green of Zalgiris will give way to the red of Olympiacos, with more than 4,000 followers confirmed for the moment in the stands. The second number of fans will be Barcelona, ​​with just over a thousand followers. Madrid can be around 350a figure similar to that of Monaco.



pos. Height Age
twenty-one AND 198 29
22 TO 196 33
55 TO 198 16
46 P 208 19
6 P 213 33
24 AND 193 33
23 P 213 28
twenty B. 188 33
10 TO 202 31
33 PA 208 32
3 TO 201 28
1 TO 24
pos. Height Age
8 TO 199 3. 4
6 TO 200 27
3 PA 211 33
12 B. 189 22
31 TO 206 24
22 P 221 31
30 PA 204 18
1 TO 195 35
14 TO 200 28
28 PA 203 28
7 AND 17
eleven TO 198 28

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