Jaya Bachchan gave a shocking statement on leaving Bollywood, “I was happier to be a wife than a heroine”

Jaya Bachchan gave a shocking statement on leaving Bollywood,

Bollywood actress Jaya Bachchan has spent a lot of time in Hindi cinema and has been an amazing actress of her time. In addition to her work, Jaya Bachchan is always in discussion about her open statements. Recently, the actress has given a shocking statement about abandoning her career after marriage.

Jaya Bachchan has given her opinion on choosing one between her career and her family. After leaving movies to raise her daughter Shweta Bachchan and her son Abhishek Bachchan, she heard people taunting her, remembering that Jaya Bachchan told many things on a talk show. She also said that “putting her career on the backseat for her family” is “not a sacrifice at all.”

Jaya Bachchan along with her daughter Shweta Nanda joined the show for the final episode of Navya’s ‘What the Hell Navya’ podcast. Here she talked about the life of women in India, especially life after marriage. Jaya herself recalled the time when she married Amitabh Bachchan in 1973 at the peak of her career and she took a break from movies. Navya spoke about marriage and the sacrifices women have to make for their families, while Jaya objected to the use of the word ‘sacrifice’.

Jaya Bachchan said: “I don’t think sacrifice is the right word to use (for married women). I would say that you are putting someone else’s needs, feelings and thoughts before your own. That is not sacrifice, I think when you do something from Inside, it’s not a sacrifice. You know you’re an educated girl, you’re a smart girl, why do you say sacrifice?

He continued: “I remember when I stopped working and everyone was like, ‘Oh, she sacrificed her career for her marriage and her children,’ it wasn’t like that. I really enjoyed being a mother and a wife. I was very happy. More than what I was doing (in movies), I enjoyed roles that are repeats of the same thing. It wasn’t a sacrifice at all.”

Along with this, Shweta Bachchan also supported the mother talk and said that women should support each other more.


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