Vin Diesel takes on a role you couldn’t imagine in Deadpool & Wolverine!

Deadpool 3 is probably the most anticipated film of Wonder for ages. As the Expanded Universe has suffered since Phase 4, which has not really lived up to the expectations and projects that are increasingly dividing the public, Wade Wilson acts as the ultimate savior for the company he cares about Kevin Fig. The first trailer made the bold bet of keeping many secrets under the rug by not even fully revealing the return of Hugh Jackman In wolverine to maintain fan expectations and try to grab a billion dollars at the box office.

In addition to feedback from Pyro, Saber-toothed tiger, Electra and the hundred rumors it promises to make Deadpool 3 a huge fresco with cameos, Internet has just published an XXL official announcement: The arrival of Vin Diesel in the feature film. Everyone thought that the voice actor of Groot came back to lend his voice to the talking tree, but it is said to embody a completely different surprise… Because Riddick will star in Shawn Levy’s feature film!

While filming for the fourth part of “The Nyctalope Mercenary” will begin shortly, the Hollywood Reporter reveals that Vin Diesel contacted Ryan Reynolds to ask him to expedite a cameo Wade Wilson, in the middle of a multiversal journey, would accidentally end up in Riddick’s universe. This was preceded by a short, punchline-based dialogue between the two characters Dead Pool uses the time machine from again Cable flee (of something ? someone ?). HR reveals that this cameo could increase fan appeal for the return of Riddick In the cinema.

Deadpool 3 © Disney
Deadpool 3 © Disney

David Thowy and Vin Diesel have made the information official on their respective X accounts. The star of Fast and Furious in particular explains: “ have the honor of importing his character, so iconic and so important in pop culture, into the MCU, and that he will try to coach Ryan Reynolds to give his role more credibility“.

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The content of the dialogue would be kept under wraps, but one line revealed by the magazine would allude to a fish dish Riddick would have used up to be “ bad breath“.

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