Italy bans ChatGPT as a precedent-setting country in Europe

The Italian nation, based on the concern for the privacy of its citizens, has now decided to ban the platform. ChatGPT of his country. Italy thus becomes the first state in Europe to adopt a markedly adverse position on this chatbot.

The chatbot powered and created by open AI It has taken the world by storm, living in a veritable period of AI anxiety with all the big tech companies wanting to embed its capabilities into their products and services.

Previous data breach incident alerts Italian authorities

Of course, we defer to the Italian government and have stopped offering ChatGPT in Italy (although we believe we are following all privacy laws). Italy is one of my favorite countries and I hope to visit it again soon!

—Sam Altman (@sama) March 31, 2023

Since its launch in November 2022, the chatbot better known as ChatGPT has wowed users, critics, and fans around the world. Above all because of its cohesive response capacity, but also because of its implications and, mainly, because of the possible applications.

Being able to deal with prose or lyrical text, ChatGPT is a seemingly inexhaustible source of information, interaction, conversation, and clarification of doubts. However, it would not be long before some red flags began to emerge among the international community.

However, now Italy is taking the first step and taking a strong position against ChatGPT. It is the first nation in Europe to effectively ban the use and availability of AI-powered chat, citing the danger to user privacy.

ChatGPT glitch leaked user data

We took ChatGPT offline on Monday to fix a bug in an open source library that allowed some users to view titles from other users’ chat history. Our research also found that 1.2% of ChatGPT Plus users could have disclosed their personal data to another user. 1/2

—OpenAI (@OpenAI) March 24, 2023

The “accident” that occurred on March 20 was immediately acknowledged by the CEO of OpenAI, the company that owns and develops the ChatGPT platform, Sam Altman. The executive also announced all the work done in order to fill the gap in the following days.

However, for the Italian government, this was not enough. Then the future of the platform in his country was mapped out, a final decision having now been published that soon left the technology community with new fears.

Can other nations follow Italy’s example and ban ChatGPT in more countries? It is true that this phenomenon is not ignored by the other European States, without, however, any other having taken such a severe position.

The European Union prepares its regulation for Artificial Intelligence

#AI : “Nous sommes le premier continent à avoir bâti une réglementation pour l’intelligence artificielle”, he assures @ThierryBreton. “The loi exists, it is voted by the European Council and will be voted on in April by Parliament. Faire une loi in 2 years, this is an exploit!” @franceinter

—Alexandra Bensaid (@Alex_Bensaid) April 1, 2023

Italy also calls for stricter regulation of AI and its possible applications. At the same time, the European Union prepares its regulation on the subject as technology continues to advance and permeate our lives.

In short, block service ChatGPT in Italy has brought to light the need to protect our information and privacy in the new era of AI. Now, we are waiting for the European legislator and the respective regulatory provisions.

AI BANNED IN ITALY, after regulators found ChatGPT ILLEGALLY and unethically extracted/processed user data and materials without consent or compensation. Italy becomes the FIRST country to stand up for human rights against unethical AI by banning ChatGPT. INVESTIGATIONS are now…


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