Is 8GB of RAM enough on a Mac? Apple believes so

Since introducing the MacBook Pro M3 last year, the company has been criticized for now selling high-end computers with 8GB of RAM. At the time, Apple claimed that 8GB on a Mac was equivalent to 16GB of RAM on a Windows PC.

Now the company is once again advocating selling Macs with 8 GB of RAM in 2024.

In an interview with IT Home, Mac marketing director Evan Buyze advocated for Macs equipped with 8GB of RAM. According to Buyze, The 8GB of RAM on entry-level Macs is enough for most tasks what most users do with these computers: Internet surfing, multimedia playback, light photo and video editing, and casual gaming.

Kate Bergeron, vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, praised Apple Silicon chips for their performance unified storage architecture, allowing the Mac to take full advantage of the hardware built into these chips. Last year, another Apple executive said that Apple Silicon would allow the company to use RAM in Macs more efficiently.

In the interview, the executives also talked about how Apple Silicon chips are ideal for AI-based tasks and that Apple has focused on making the Mac a great gaming platform thanks to advanced hardware and new macOS features like the Game Porting Toolkit close.

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