Intel wants to beat Apple in the processor battle

As Apple prepares to introduce its new M1x processor, Intel declares that it wants to create a better processor than the Cupertino company.

In a recent interview, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger hinted that Intel is not ready to quit Apple’s business.

Intel CEO wants to develop better processors than Apple’s

It has been almost a year since Apple introduced its M1 processor. By the way, at the Unleashed event scheduled for today, Tim Cook is expected to present the new M1x processor.

But even so, Intel does not give up wanting to continue supplying chips to Apple. In an interview given a few days ago, Pat Gelsinger hinted that Intel has already outlined a strategy to re-equip Apple machines with Intel processors.

According to Gelsinger, the plan is simple: Intel is simply developing a better chip than Apple’s. Says Intel CEO: “Apple decided it could make a better processor than us. And they did a very good job. So now Intel has to develop a better chip than Apple. I hope to win back the Apple customer, as well as many others. companies, over time. “

In the same interview, Gelsinger went even further by saying that it has to make sure that Intel products – that is, processors – are better and more vibrant than Apple’s. All for manufacturers and users to choose products equipped with Intel processors.

Pat Gelsinger also promises that he will “fight hard to win Apple’s business in this area.” The battle promises to be fierce if Apple moves forward today with the introduction of its new M1x chip.

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