my legionary by Rachel Lang with Louis Garrel and Camille Cottin is the France Info film of the week. In Calvi, Corsica, where the 2nd foreign parachute regiment is installed, the soldiers and their wives live to the rhythm of high-risk missions in Mali. Rachel Lang films this community of women, subject to the very archaic rules of the legion and the erosion of the life of couples.

“In Rachel Lang’s real life it was she who was going on a mission and her companion who was waiting for her.”

Louis garrel

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Officers and ordinary soldiers have the same difficulties preserving their private sphere, the war they wage far from France haunts them on their return. Fear, silences, waiting during missions, everything is fair, and for good reason, Rachel Lang is herself a reserve soldier.

Tralala is a comedy in which we sing a lot and where we want to believe in a beautiful story, even if it is a little crazy.

“I went back to the filming location, I still believed in it!”

Bertrand belin

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Tralala, it is Mathieu Amalric, celestial tramp who tumbles to Lourdes, the town of Larrieu, where he is taken for the one who disappeared 20 years ago. The mother, Josiane Balasko, the brother Bertrand Belin, the mistresses, Maïween, Mélanie Thierry, sing about their emotion to see this man emerge from the past, their doubts also about his true identity.

Kindness, tenderness, humor, we are with this funny tribe who invites us to detach ourselves from reality, to music by Philippe Katerine, Etienne Daho, Jeanne Cherhal, Dominique A and Bertrand Belin, all surprised to be an actor.

For more than 20 years, the Schaubühne from Berlin is one of the most brilliant theatrical stages in the world. The two directors partly install their film there, Lars Eidinger, pillar of this theater, is Sven, an actor sick with cancer, who absolutely wants to take over the role of Hamlet, against the advice of the director, Thomas Ostermeier, real boss places.

“On stage, I don’t turn into someone else, but into myself.”

Lars eidinger

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Another Schaubühne actress, the sublime Nina Hoss, plays Sven’s twin sister, desperate to help her brother get back on stage. Perfect melo, Little sister is fueled by the immense complicity of its performers and carnally addresses the issue of the status of the actor, this strange animal who has a vital need to play.

Also note the release at the Saint-André des Arts cinema in Paris of the documentary film, On the back of our images by Romain Baudéan, from October 13 to November 9 at 1 p.m. All sessions will be followed by debates with guests. More information on the site On the back of our images.


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