Nora Fatehi came to India with 5,000 rupees, the actress narrated the story of the struggle

Bollywood’s dance diva Nora Fatehi has gained a lot of fame in a short span of time. Actress and dancer Nora Fatehi often stays trending with her latest videos or dance routines. Today every child knows Nora’s name. The actress has endured a lot to reach this point. In an interview, the actress told fans about her difficult journey and shared how her path was full of difficulties.

The actress opened up about her struggle story in an interview with Mashable Indians Bombay Journey. The actress shared that when she first came to India, she only had 5,000 rupees. The actress said that I didn’t know what $100 was back then. The actress said: “I remember how I used to live in a shared apartment.” Nora said: I lived in this apartment with nine girls. That was nothing less than a trauma for me. She further said in the interview, “Sometimes I wondered whether I did the right thing by coming to India or whether it was a wrong decision on my part.”

Talking about her initial work, the actress said that she used to earn very little money. The actress said: “The money was so little that I could only survive by eating eggs and bread.” He said that he received a salary for his work after deduction of commission. With this salary, it is difficult for anyone to survive in a city like Mumbai.

We tell you that Nora is currently 32 years old. At this age, Nora is one of the top actresses in Bollywood. Nora has also judged many dance shows on Indian television. Additionally, Sattri has appeared in films like Batla House, Bahubali The Beginning, Margao Express, Krack and An Action Hero. The actress is also known for her dance performances.

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