Computer security is essential because cyber threats are on the rise even for private users.

This week, network equipment maker Netgear issued a safety notice for your BR200 and BR500 routers.

These two products hit the market a year ago and were promoted as an ultra secure router ideal for home workers who need access to your corporate network so they can work from home as if they were in the office. The idea was and is great. but there is a problem.

The security advisory released this morning states that Both routers have several security vulnerabilities that simply cannot be fixed.

Netgear says that if you have a BR200 or one BR500 you can return it to the company and they will exchange it for an SXR30 router (Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini AX1800 Router)what does it cost πŸ›’ € 111.20. The BR200 and BR 500 are not Wi-Fi models, so this is a nice upgrade.

For people who purchased one of the two affected models after May 19, 2021, there is a free replacement. For those who have purchased before, Netgear is offering a 50% discount on an SXR30.

Router owners can order a new router by emailing with their full name and shipping address, proof of purchase, and router serial number.

Netgear has published a list of sensible precautions that owners of these routers can take to limit the possibility of a security breach.


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