Huawei is not expected to launch the Mate 50 this year. Cornered by US sanctions, the Chinese group would have decided to postpone the presentation of smartphones until next year. The presentation scheduled for the end of October 2021 has obviously nothing to do with the new range of Mate.

Credit: Huawei Mate 40

Deprived of its Android license and Google applications, Huawei was forced to upset its launch schedule of his smartphones. In particular, the Chinese group only presented the P50 range during the summer. Usually, Huawei does not wait until March to announce its flagships.

In a context of collapsing sales, Huawei has reportedly decided to postpone the launch of the Mate 50 until next year. This is the first time since 2013 that the Chinese brand will not announce a new Mate during the fall. Instead, the presentation would take place in the second half of next year.

False alert: no Mate 50 at the end of October

More recently, however, an official announcement came sow doubt on the arrival date of the Mate 50. The Chinese manufacturer has indeed announced the organization of a presentation conference on October 21. Unsurprisingly, all eyes have been on the hypothetical Mate 50. Many observers have speculated that Huawei ultimately planned to launch the line despite US sanctions. David Naranjo, Senior Director at Display Supply Chain Consultant, quickly prophesied the launch of the Mate 50 Pro.

It is not so. Huawei has indeed unveiled the devices that will be at the center of the presentation: these are the Nova 9 and Nova 8i. The manufacturer has published several official images clearly mentioning the two terminals. Already available in some markets, including China, the two mid-range smartphones will hit the European market in the wake of the conference. This is therefore an announcement of rather limited interest.

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After this false alarm, everything suggests that the launch of the Mate 50 is actually postponed to the second half of next year. We tell you more as soon as possible about future Huawei devices. While waiting for more information on the Mate 50, we await your opinion on the situation of Huawei in the comments below.


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