How much ownership does “Ram” own from TV? Will prepare for the election campaign

Voting for 2024 begins in April. Earlier, the BJP released the candidate lists of all its sides one by one. The party has made popular television actor Arun Govil from Meerut as its candidate. Arun Govil played the role of Lord Ram in the religious series Ramayana and people still remember him for this role. Arun Govil leads a simple life, but now he has to prove himself as a leader.

Arun Govil has not only acted in television serials but has also appeared in Bollywood films. How much wealth does Arun Govil, who came into politics, own and what family background does he have? Let us inform you in detail about this.

Arun Govil was born on January 12, 1958 in Meerut, UP and belongs to a Kshatriya family. His father Shri Chandra Prakash Govil was a government officer and he wanted Arun to work in a government department.

In a talk show, Arun Govil had said that he wanted to do something so that people remember him and give him a different identity. Arun Govil has 4 brothers and 2 sisters. His elder brother Vijay Govil was married to actress and presenter Tabassum.

Arun Govil married a woman named Sreelekha. He has two children by her, a son and a daughter. Arun Govil’s daughter is studying in the USA. His son married a banker in 2010, with whom he has a son.

Arun Govil’s early education was in a school in Meerut. He then studied engineering at Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Meerut. Furthermore, Arun was inclined towards acting, which is why he also appeared in a few plays. During his teenage years, Arun Govil spent some time in Shahjahanpur, another city in UP. In 1975, Arun came to Mumbai, where his brother had an established business.

In 1979, Arun Govil’s two films ‘Sawan Ko Aane Do’ and ‘Saanch Ko Aanch Nahi’ were released which were successful. After this, Arun Govil came to know that popular filmmaker Ramanand Sagar was accepting auditions for his show Vikram Betal. When he got there, Arun Govil got the role and beat about 100 people.

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Arun Govil Net Worth: How Much Net Worth Does TV's 'Ram' Have?  I will now prepare for the election campaign

After that, this show aired on Doordarshan and people liked him in the role of Vikram. Around 1985, Ramanand Sagar attended auditions to play the role of ‘Ram’ for his next show ‘Ramayana’. He attended several auditions but couldn’t find that face.

Arun Govil wanted to play the role of Lord Ram but Ramanand Sagar clearly refused to bring a new face and Arun Govil was already directing the show Vikram Baital. Arun Govil accepted defeat and got the role of ‘Shri Ram’ and ‘Ramayana’ started telecasting in 1987. This show was so popular that it is still discussed today.

After arriving in Mumbai, Arun Govil helped his brother with work, but his goal was different. He joined the theater and acted in several dramas. After that, he decided to start acting. After a lot of hard work, he got the film Paheli (1977).

Arun Govil got his first chance through his sister-in-law Tabassum, as he told a talk show. This was followed by his second films “Saavan Ko Aane Do” and “Saanch Ko Aanch Nahi” in 1979. Both films were successful.

Arun Govil Net Worth: How Much Net Worth Does TV's 'Ram' Have?  I will now prepare for the election campaign

After that, Arun Govil performed ‘Luv Kush’, ‘Sasural’, ‘Shiv Mahima’, ‘Ganga Dham’, ‘Judai’, ‘Jio To Aise Jio’, ‘Radha Aur Sita’, ‘Muqabala’ and ‘Hukus Bukus’. , Has appeared in many films such as “OMG 2” and “Article 370”.

After Arun Govil became famous with Ramanand Sagar’s religious series ‘Ramayana’, he had increased his fees by 25 percent. According to reports, Arun Govil had received a fee of Rs 50,000 for the film ‘OMG 2’ despite playing a smaller role in it. For the recently released film Article 370, it was reported that Arun Govil collected a fee of Rs 80 lakh.

If reports are to be believed, Arun Govil earns Rs 10 to 12 lakh annually. His source of income is acting and advertising. Arun Govil has his own house in Mumbai and also recently bought a luxury car. According to media reports, Arun Govil currently has properties worth around Rs 38 to 40 Crores.

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