New record: 91 stars in the “Omar” campaign

oathAbout a dozen films are ready for release. One of these film campaigns sees the majority of films on the small screen the starWHO Large-scale artists are also on the list. Additionally, West Bengal is popular the starHe’s on the list.

The name of the film is “Omar”. Shariful Raj is the hero of Muhammad Mustafa Kamal Raj’s film. Nasir Uddin Khan, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Darshana Vanik and others are also in the cast.

91 in “Omar’s” election campaign the star Now over forty on social media the star The video message encourages the audience to watch “Omar.”

An event like this has never happened before. Previously, a handful of stars have taken to looking at other people’s pictures in this way. Director Raj said that 91 star artistes participated in the campaign of ‘Omar’. Who is not on the list! Cast: Nusrat Imroz Tisha, Ziaul Farooq Apurba, Mehjabeen Chowdhury, Siam Ahmed, Tasnia Farin, Tausif Mahbub, Yash Rohan, Sabila Noor, Safa Kabir, Niloy Alamgir, Jannatul Sumaiya Himi, Aisha Khan, Saju Khadem, Anika Kabir Sakh, Chazhi Alam , Samira Khan Mahi, Shamim Hasan Sarkar, Sadia Ayman, Zeffer Rahman are there.

There are two popular Bengali actresses, Rituparna Sengupta. Redwan Roni, Raihan Rafi and several other producers are on the list. Everyone is invited to go into the hall and see “Omar”.
oathWhile the makers of other films don’t have time to suffocate themselves with advertising, “Omar” the starSuch novel greetings have received great response on social media.

If the creators had to spend money on the campaign, the production costs of “Omar” would definitely have reached a record.

But how did the builder achieve this impossible? Mustafa Kamal Raj said: “I just asked everyone to give a wish byte for ‘Omar’. Everyone gave one by one. It is my great pleasure. Everyone gave me a few bytes of love. I’m really grateful.”

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91 people each on Raj’s Facebook page and the “Omar” film page the starGreetings will be published. Mustafa Kamal Raj is currently in India for the film. On the phone he said: “Forty now.” the starThe video message has come to light. But we have the video messages of all 91 people. There are also scheduled posts. Will be published in a timely manner. Stepping forward Runa Khan, Dilshad Nahar Kana, Salahuddin Lovelu, Arfin Rumi, Animesh Aich, Shabnam Faria, Ashna Habib Bhavna, Khairul Basar, Ghulam Sohrab Dodul, Saju Muntasir, Mukit Zakaria, Tamim Greetings from Mridha, Adnan Al Rajib and many others.’

Nusrat Imroz Tisha said in a video message: “Here oathOmar is released. I planned to go to the hall with the whole family and watch it. You won’t miss it either. Watch the film in the cinema with family and friends.”

Apurva said, “Here oath‘Omar’, directed by one of my close brothers Mustafa Kamal Raj, is all set to release in theaters near you. I’ll check. You and your whole family will enjoy the film. Thank you all, oath Mubarak.”

Rituparna Sengupta from Opar Bengal said, “Here oath“Omar” is coming to theaters near you. I’ll definitely see it. You and your family watch the film and oathEnjoy the pleasure all in advance oath Mubarak.”

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