GTA 6: a video of the game is filtered to surprise fans

Information leaks about the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) saga continue to captivate the attention of fans, while rumors also increase in tone. Now, we have a new video with the possible gameplay or gaming experience of GTA 6.

Actually, it is a small sample shared for the first time on the social network Twitter by a filter Recidivist. Unfortunately (for the curious), the original publication was quickly blocked for copyright infringement, which ends up confirming the possible veracity of the material in question.

GTA 6 continues to be talked about with a new game leak


That said, so far we’ve seen a small portion of the future GTA VI map available, as well as one of the first screenshots related to the sixth chapter. However, we always warn of the doubtful nature of leaks of information or leaks.

The new video in question was published online on Twitter. Unfortunately, the original post, as mentioned above, has already been blocked by the rightful copyright holders.

Up to 32 players in online mode in GTA 6

Another cool thing in the GTA 6 leaks that some might have missed is something we never had in a Rockstar game before: underwater aiming is only shown in 1 very short clip.

—InfinityBesk (@InfinityBesk) March 21, 2023

The original post showed that in GTA 6 Online we can support up to 32 players, while in the current GTA 5 the limit is 30 players. It should be noted that this small increase ended up causing a lot of buzz among fans on social media.

Screenshot of a possible gameplay of GTA 6.

In addition, another novelty that has just been pointed out is the possibility for the player to carry a body on their shoulders. That is, something that was not possible in the current generation of the game and that may be present by default in GTA VI.

Note that at the moment only one modification it is that such a possibility – to carry bodies on the shoulders – is what becomes possible.

GTA 6 does not (yet) have a release date

New GTA VI leaks!! These graphics look crazy! 🔥🔥🔥A developer said that the UI is complete and the game is playable and it is in the last phase of development (bug fixes)#GtaVI #gta6 #GTA6LEAKS #GrandTheftAutoVI #gta6news #gtaVIleaks #filtration #How to play #RockstarGames

— Gta 6 News (@Gta6_news_leaks) March 22, 2023

The GTA 6 game does not yet have an official release date, although its development continues at Rockstar Games studios. However, rumors point to a 2024 release, although this lacks confirmation.

Although nothing presented here can be taken as official, the truth is that information leaks continue to accumulate. With that said, we leave the value judgment to our readers.

Pqp this gta 6 game is crazy

—fran (@juniordencle_) March 6, 2023

Following the same line of rumors, GTA 6 could have a female protagonist, Lucia, a first for the franchise. At the same time, we will also have a male lead, Jason, of our choice, and it is likely that the new game in the GTA saga will be inspired by Vice City.

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have more information about Grand Theft Auto, so we will have to wait for more news about GTA 6.

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