Google WearOS will have one of the most requested functions

Wear OS made its way to the first smartwatches in 2014. But only almost 8 years later, will the first models arrive with functionality that could have been there for a long time.

With Wear OS 3, Google is finally giving its dedicated smartwatch platform its due. And it just announced a feature long requested by lefties.

Wear OS 3 will allow users to rotate the screen 180 degrees

In a statement, Google reveals that Wear OS will now allow users to rotate the smartwatch screen 180 degrees. Which means that it can now be worn on the right wrist with no apparent limitations.

“Our development team has implemented the functionality you requested and it will be available on future new devices,” reads the post made by Google. Which is good and bad news.

Google Wear operating system

Functionality can only reach future smartwatches

First, Google finally heeded the requests. However, it seems that the functionality will not reach existing watches on the market. That is, whoever wants to take advantage of the functionality may have to buy a new model.

Let’s hope that is not the case, and that the new ones are the first to know. After that, selected vintage models can and should receive this notice.

It is good to note that many lefties wear their smartwatch on the right arm. In these cases, the smartwatch buttons are on the side of the arm and not on the wrist. With this feature of the screen rotating 180 degrees, the buttons can be on the side of the wrist.

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This is a feature that already exists in the great rival, the Apple Watch.

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