Google Pixel 7a VS Pixel 7: the small differences

Recently, Google launched the most affordable Pixel 7a smartphone. But does this model differ much from the base model of the Pixel 7?

We put the two terminals face to face to point out all their differences. But some are so subtle that you can’t even tell the difference very well…

attributespixel 7apixel 7
Price517 euro569 euro
Screen6.1 inches6.3 inches
fast charge18 watts20 watts
Weight193 grams198 grams

Pixel 7 or 7a: the deciding factor may even be the price

Choosing between the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7a is difficult. The models are quite similar in their specifications and structure. Small differences can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, the points that they do not have in common can be decisive, especially when it comes to price.

In Portugal, interested users must purchase one of the terminals at an online retail store. So let’s take Amazon Spain as an example. On this platform, the model pixel 7a with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of external storage capacity it costs 517 euros.

With exactly the same configuration (8GB+128GB), Google pixel 7 It has one cost of 659 euros. Remember that both models are powered by the Tensor G2 processor, owned by the brand. Therefore, the performance that both deliver is equivalent.

For this reason, price can be a deciding factor when it comes to buying, and we suspect the Pixel 7a could come out on top when it comes to overall sales revenue.

Screen, weight and design

Let’s start with the design. The two models are twin brothers at first glance. But the rear panel of Pixel 7a is made of plastic while the panel of Pixel 7 is made of glass.

The size is slightly different, since the Pixel 7 integrates a 6.3-inch screen and the 7a model stays at 6.1 inches. But is the 0.2-inch difference really that significant when it comes to viewing content?

Better: One of the big updates to the Pixel 7a was the integration of a 90 Hz refresh rate, exactly the same as its “big brother” the Pixel 7 provided.

In the weight of the models, the same small difference. The Pixel 7a registers 193 grams on the scale and the Pixel 7 198 grams. Again, does 5 grams make a difference in daily terminal transport?

Battery and support for fast and wireless charging

We found other too subtle differences in the battery and fast charging. The Pixel 7 has a 4,355mAh battery with 20W fast charging. The Pixel 7a has a 4385mAh battery with 18W support.

These differences are so subtle that, in practice, users will barely notice them.

Google Pixel 7a got wireless charging functionality and this is where a noticeable difference lies. The new model provides this feature limited to 7.5 watts, while the Pixel 7 offers 20 watts. And when it comes to charging, users will notice that the affordable model is much slower to feed the battery.

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