Google integrates Gemini models into campaigns for maximum performance

Google has announced the founding of Models Gemini from generative AI to Performance Max with the aim of helping agencies and advertisers Create high-quality materials at scale in these types of Google Ads campaigns.

As the company reported in a post on its blog, AI innovations help our advertisers create more effective campaigns and create creative pieces with the scale, speed and variation needed to engage consumers in relevant ways. In return, he emphasized.

«Maximum performance campaigns run across Google ad inventory, providing more opportunities to engage with customers. It’s important to have a wide variety of creative assets that meet the needs of different clients and formats. Great creative gets results: We’ve found that advertisers who improve their ads’ ad power rating from Maximum Performance to Excellent see, on average, 6% more conversions«Google explains.

Google announced this in November Introducing AI-powered asset generation and image editing in such campaigns. Currently, It will be available in English and will soon be expanded to other languages. Image editing will be fully implemented in the US in March and will be expanded to the rest of the English-speaking markets shortly thereafter.

Thanks to the addition of Gemini, Google’s image generation tool, Image 2 adapts to Google Ads enables the generation of everyday images that show people in action for a Performance Max campaign. Image editing is also included Ability to generate and add funds with unidentifiable people. «We do not permit the creation of images of identifiable individuals, including celebrities and public figures.‘ they explained.

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In this regard, they have indicated that advertisers will not be able to generate resources to create content that promotes violence, fakery and, in general, content that is defined in the Google Ads policies and the guidelines for the use of the Generative AI is banned by Google Watermarks are used to inform users when an advertising material was created with AI.

It adds that Improving the ad strength indicator, which makes it possible to identify in a quantified way the creative resources that drive the results of a campaign and in the weighting of which the quantity and variety of resources for a campaign will be given more weight. In fact, advertisers who help create a Campaigns with maximum performance are 63% more likely to launch a good or excellent campaign with ad strength.

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