Google Drive has a hidden limit that blocks user accounts

5 million files and folders that can be stored in the service Google Drive. This is the limit that no one knew about (until now) and which naturally caused consternation among users when it was first exposed on the Reddit platform.

The limitation was, however, confirmed by the North American giant, while the first exposure and warning was given a week ago. However, just now, given the accumulation of complaints in the official forums, Google Support has confirmed it.

Google confirms new limits for your Drive

Google Drive

Google justifies this limit with concerns about the proper functioning of the service. In other words, to guarantee the speed, stability, reliability and performance standards of your online file storage service in the cloud.

However, there are some implementations that are quite impressive in the full sense of the word. The worst of all? Google did not provide any notice to users, whether they were paid subscribers or users of the free Google Drive plan.

Now, for example, this limit of five million files is universal. This means that, whether or not you pay for storage space in the Drive, you will always have the same barrier, regardless of the space that each one can buy.

Google will have applied the limit in mid-February

By the way, remember that Google One service subscription plans have different levels. The lowest is 100 GB, but they can go up to 30 TB of space. That being said, we do have several “rungs” for individual and business users.

However, for the highest plan, not counting folders, files with an average size of 6 MB are needed to meet the 5 million limit. This is for demo purposes only. See the original post at Reddit.

This case was particularly exposed by a veterinary clinic in the United Kingdom in whose testimony on the issue trackerwe have a particularly illuminating description of the facts.

Finally, and on the other hand, in Dropbox’s rival service there is no such limit. On Microsoft’s OneDrive, this limit is currently 50,000 files per folder, but there’s (apparently) no global limit.

Surprise: Google Drive has a limit on hidden items no matter how much storage space you have

— Unboxed Chrome (@chromeunboxed) March 29, 2023

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