Google CEO announces that they will integrate AI into search

Google is preparing to add conversational artificial intelligence (AI) features to its search engine, this has been made known by the company’s executive director, Sundar Pichai. The advances that have been made in AI will enhance Google’s ability to answer search queries, Pichai explained in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. In this way, the company rules out that advances in AI cannot be a threat to Google’s search business, which represents more than half of the revenue of its parent company, Alphabet Inc.

The objective of this will be to respond to the pressure exerted by the competition and in particular by Microsoft Bing, which has ChatGPT integrated, and has already managed to cut ground on Google. At the moment, Bing has managed to exceed 100 million active daily users.

google and bard

Google has already developed its own AI chat, but it has not obtained the expected results. The first version of Google’s artificial intelligence, called Bard, caused quite a stir by giving bugs and incorrectly answering user questions. Just a few weeks ago Google announced that it would launch a beta version of Bard is the Google AI that was released just a few weeks ago in its beta version for users in the US and UK.

Pichai has not specified if the AI ​​that will be integrated into the searches is Bard, or if, on the contrary, it will be another large language model (LLM) that drives such systems. Nor has it detailed when its launch will be

Caught in the race with its competitors, it has to move fast, because for Google the stakes are high. In the article of Wall Street Journal explain that search ads entered 162,000 million dollars in 2022 and represent the main source of income for the company.

Bard Updates Page

Google has launched a page of updates for “Bard” that will allow users to easily see all the news that the company is making in its AI chat.

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