Games that use the power of the PS5 Pro receive a special label

PlayStation 4 Pro owners will remember that games were labeled with improvements to take advantage of the superior hardware “PS4 Pro expanded” In the box. This suggested higher resolutions or smoother FPS rates.

With the rumored upcoming release of the PS5 Pro, it looks like Sony is doing something similar. Sony is preparing one PS5 Pro Enhanced label.but now we know what games need to do to be eligible.

Sony ideally wants qualifying games to offer three things. The first is the “constant 60 fps” gameplay that many games now offer, although often only when a “performance mode” with less detailed graphics is set.

This is where the next points come into play. To receive the PS5 Pro Enhanced label, games also require a 4K resolution (achieved through PSSR scaling) and “Add or increase ray tracing effects.”

Alternatively, the PS5 Pro Enhanced label could also be given to games that simply increase the resolution (variable or fixed) or frame rate compared to the standard console.

This alternative route can be important for games that are already pushing the limits of the console’s hardware. According to previously leaked spec reports, the upcoming GTA 6 could hit 60fps on the PS5 Pro hardware with the base version running at 30fps, for example.

The bottleneck of the leaked PS5 Pro specs is the CPU, which appears to be the same one found in the current PS5, just with a high-frequency mode that offers 10% more clock speed.

Elsewhere, the claimed performance improvements are more dramatic, with a claimed 45% faster rendering performance, up to four times ray tracing performance and increased storage speeds from 448GB/s to 576GB/s.

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Current reports suggest so a release in the second half of the year, with September and November as possible dates.

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