Fuels in Portugal: diesel rises 1.8 cents and gasoline 1.4 cents

Fuel prices in Portugal rose again this Monday. More specifically, fuels such as diesel up 1.8 cents and the gasoline 1.4 cents due to the tax burden, specifically the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP).

However, there is a good free app for Android on the Google Play Store and for iOS (iPhone) on the App Store, Fuel Flash, which we also feature. It is, at the very least, a way to have a chance of finding cheaper prices based on fuel type and other preferences.

Rise in the IPS causes increases in the price of gasoline and diesel in Portugal

Fuels in Portugal

The “culprit” of the new rise in fuel prices is the same as always. That is, the tax burden embodied in the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP). Despite counting on a slight drawdown earlier this week, we ended up finding the opposite.

As it advances CNN, the upward revision of fuel prices was a bad surprise for the Portuguese. As expected, at the end of last week and effective this Monday, there was a slight decrease in the price.

The decline is halted by the worsening of the tax burden in Portugal

This would not only not happen, but the exact opposite would be announced today. According to the publication, the new values ​​were announced this morning by the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG). In addition, they already include the discounts that gas stations apply.

However, it should be noted that prices for the end consumer may differ from station to station, so look for the service station with the cheapest fuel. Fortunately, we have some mobile applications that help us find the cheapest diesel, as well as the cheapest gasoline throughout Portugal.

Gasoline Price – Fuel Flash app is free for Android and iOS (iPhone)

Fuels Portugal increase

Download the app for free at:

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The application gives us a good idea of ​​which are the gas stations with the lowest prices in Portugal. The user can carry out an improved search by type of fuel, brand, availability, among other search criteria.

It is a free app that also presents a summary with the main information of the national service stations and the respective services available.

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