Freedom Phone: The Anti-Censorship Smartphone Designed For Trump Supporters Is Of Chinese Origin

Earlier this month, Erik Finman presented an Android smartphone powered by an “uncensored” FreedomOS operating system, a so-called “First free speech operating system” based on Android 10, with its “uncensored” App Store to restore freedom to American patriots. The Millionaire is a Donald Trump supporter who wants to defend free speech.

With the so-called “uncensored” Freedom Phone, Trump supporter Erik Finman wants to bring “freedom of speech” to Americans and restore “control” over their communication. This smartphone, marketed in an extremely patriotic way, sells for 500 dollars. As you can imagine, the story doesn’t end there.

Freedom Phone is a cheap Chinese smartphone. It is more precisely the Umidigi A9 Pro, a smartphone that can be purchased on AliExpress for less than 100 euros. Umidigi is a little-known brand in Europe, but we often see its devices on Chinese websites. This Umidigi A9 Pro is positioned as a competitor of Redmi’s note 10.

It is equipped with a MediaTek Helio P60 chipset, this SoC is commonly used in basic phones. It’s a 2020 smartphone with Android 10, a 6.3-inch IPS display in Full HD definition, and several cameras on the back. In short, a typical smartphone from the Shenzhen region of China, where the vast majority of Chinese brands are located.

As you can see, the price difference is huge. Freedom seems to focus on the software aspect, with anti-tracking tools, a custom app store “PatriApp Store” and pre-installed apps that will satisfy the American far-right. Besides the price, the Chinese origin of this smartphone is certainly the most ironic situation.

With Donald Trump, Washington has entered a major stalemate with China. The former president of the United States has found nothing better than calling Covid’s disease the “Chinese virus”, blacklisting a growing number of Chinese companies (including Huawei), and banning foreign companies that use components considered strategic to work with them. The whole was complemented by an arsenal of protectionist measures, with pressures and warnings.

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