The pandemic generated an accelerated impact on the use of mobile fitness applications worldwide, as users found in them the tools to improve their health and well-being. Faced with this boom Rocket Laba technology company specialized in driving the exponential growth of users and their activity in mobile applications, shares recommendations for marketers to keep users motivated and continue to increase their use in the post-covid era.

The global app market fitness will reach a turnover of €109 billion in 2030, as continued growth of 24.3 percent is forecast between 2021 and 2030, according to data from Allied Market Research. In Spain, according to data from Statista, in 2022 this segment will reach revenues close to 97 million euros. By 2026, the figure will stand at 124 million euros, with average year-on-year growth of 6.17%.

Tips for fitness app marketers

1-Retargeting to recover users: It is important to note that in order to know the metrics of the use of the applications, it is possible to implement different technologies, which combined with retargeting campaigns allow companies to impact users who had already installed the application but had not visited it for a while with digital advertising. .

To keep users coming back, retargeting ads and personalization are key. Using ads, marketers can create a relevant experience for users and draw them back to the app, even motivate them to make in-app purchases. Also, retargeting ads will be able to drive the redesign of the cross-device purchase process that users make through their phone.

2-Geolocation: When using a fitness app, geolocation and user journey analysis have great advantages. In the first place because by using a fitness app, for “runners” for example, and having the ability to share their performance on social networks, users see benefits not only because they know their progress in terms of health, but because they see the opportunity share your rides with friends and family, which encourages other users to download the app. In this case, marketers do not need to create a specific campaign, but the tours will be the element for users to recommend the app and motivate new users to search, download and use said app.

Secondly, it is possible to share content with users and send them offers on items to make an in-app purchase or physical stores. In this way, by identifying the geographic location of the user, marketers will be able to offer a different and personalized experience.

3-Personalized training programs: A fitness application should offer different levels of training, since there are people who have been physically active for long periods of time, which makes it easier for them to do cardio or high-intensity interval training, to name a few. However, there will be others who integrate an exercise routine into their daily life for the first time, so it is important to avoid injuring their muscles or performing exercises not suitable for beginners.

Another feature that can improve engagement with users is to offer tutorials with certified trainers for beginners, intermediate and advanced, which will ensure better practice and categorization of training and users, as well as their journey within the app.

4- Celebrate your victories with users: One of the main functions of a fitness app is to measure the performance of users. If the app is for walking, jogging or running, they will be eager to know the number of steps they took or the kilometers they traveled and to know the new progress.

For this reason, the gamification It is fundamental, because with the use of recreational techniques and dynamics it is possible to reinforce the motivation of the users, which will result in the possibility of retaining a greater number of users and increasing their in-app participation, since it boosts the interaction of the users. users is one of the most effective strategies to conquer the mobile market. With this, marketers will be able to monetize new attributes in addition to strengthening the link with users and thus be able to improve the quality of the application and its profitability.

Add new or better features to fitness apps that effectively combine action, motivation and education, features that today’s consumers demand, It will allow this vertical to get more users, providing marketers with constant growth, higher return on their investment and being able to increase engagement with new and old users., said Eloísa Rodríguez, Managing Director EMEA of Rocket Lab.


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