Figure 01, the AI ​​robot from OpenAI that could become a household helper

The startup Figure has developed a robot called Figure 01which demonstrated some impressive capabilities in a recent demo.

When asked what he saw, Figure 01 passed the visual recognition test He accurately describes a red apple, a drying rack with dishes, and the person who asked the question, all through his camera eyes.

That was pretty impressive, but Figure 01 stands out his ability not only to describe the world around him, but also to interact with it. The person in the demo asked if they could get something to eat, and the robot gently grabbed the apple (the only edible item in sight) and immediately passed it along.

Thats how it works Figure 01 receives visual data from its cameras and voice transcripts. It passes everything to OpenAI’s language model and then understands all the context to generate intelligent responses and choose which motor skills to use.

The hoursMultitasking skills They were also seen when the person asked Figure 01 to explain why he gave him the apple and picked up trash at the same time. As the robot recognized the trash items and placed them in a container, it explained its reasons for giving up the apple in a conversational tone.


The really amazing thing is how human-like Figure 01 is in both his speech and his movements. There are no sudden robot movements at all, it’s like a person putting on an advanced robot suit.

Figure AI debuted this humanoid robot last year. We present it as an all-purpose assistant that can handle everything from factory work to household tasks. The idea is to free people from boring, repetitive tasks so they can focus on higher-level things that require human skills and intuition. AND

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This is the first time the startup has demonstrated ChatGPT’s capabilities in Figure 01. The previous videos focused solely on motor skills.

With more than $675 million recently raised from big names like Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Microsoft and Nvidia, Figure clearly has some serious backers betting on its robot’s potential. Whether it actually lives up to expectations remains to be seen, but this first demo is already making waves.

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