A developer who created a browser extension to help Facebook users reduce the time they spend on the platform says the company responded by kicking him off the platform and threatening legal action.

Louis Barclay I think unfollow everything for allowed users unfollow all the people, groups and pages in your Facebook account automatically, thus eliminating the news feed feature, one of the most unpleasant and addictive parts of the company’s product

The feed, which offers an endless barrage of targeted advertising, it feeds on the profiles you follow, but even without them, users can continue to visit the profiles they want and browse the site normally.

According to Barclay, the goal of avoiding the feed is to allow users to enjoy the platform in a more balanced way, rather than being forced to constantly participate by Facebook’s algorithms.

Facebook’s response was to ban it from all platforms, blocking your Facebook and Instagram accounts forever. So he sent her a cessation and waiver letter, threatening legal action if he didn’t close the browser extension.

In the end, Barclay was forced to do it and Unfollow Everything is gone.


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