“Everyone knows Taimur now too,” Kriti Sanon made a shocking statement on nepotism.

Famous B-Town actress Kriti Sanon was present on ABP Network’s Ideas of India 2023 special. During this, Kriti Sanon spoke openly about the serious problem of nepotism in the industry and expressed her opinion.

During Idea of ​​India Summit 2023, famous B Town actress Kriti Sanon was asked a question about nepotism. About which the Shehzada actress has spoken openly. Kriti Sanon has said that it happens in all fields. But this argument is not wrong. This is just an opportunity that people with a film background and outsiders should get. This audience decides which movie they should see. Before I also used to think that opportunity and work are a matter of luck and hard work. People don’t know your name but you are recognized for your work. You have to put in a little more effort to get your name out there to people. But for me the path was not only mine, many people supported me.

During this special program, Kriti Sanon, while furthering her talk on nepotism, said that nowadays people also know Taimur and everyone will know him until he grows up. This is the advantage of being a star child. But people like us have to work very hard.

During ABP Network’s Ideas of India Summit 2023, many important questions were asked to Kriti Sanon through a quick round. So Kriti has answered questions like her height and phone number. Kriti Sanon said that her height is 5.9 inches, Kriti joked that her mobile number was 100. Regarding Raeesi, Kriti Sanon has said that she is rich in memory and Kriti has taken the name of Tiger in her first co-star, Tiger Shroff, and who is the most beautiful among them.

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