“We had a family in Pubail,” Bubli about marriage

Dhaka is the protagonist of the film Shakib Khan In 2018, he secretly married actress Shabnam Bubli. After two years of marriage, a son was born to their family. Over time, the distance between the couple began to grow. In a phase that leads to the decision to separate.

Although the breakup is not official yet, Shakib and Bubli have not been under the same roof for a long time. Recently in an interview, this actress was seen talking about marriage and family with Shakib. Bubli said their marriage was six to seven years old. The two had family in Pubail that was known to many.

on private television oathBubli said this in a previous interview. The first episode has already been broadcast. The second episode of the show aired on Tuesday. This time he opened his mouth about marriage.

There, the heroine expressed various feelings about herself, Shakib Khan-Apu Biswas and the two brothers Vir and Joy.

Talking about the marriage, Bubli said, “Our wedding will take place in Pubail.” Shakib KhanIt happened at home. Kazi was Our marriage is six to seven years old. We had family in Pubail.

Everyone there knows it. Everyone knows the director-producer nearby. And what is being spread has no basis in fact. It’s all rumors.’

Shakib Khan and Bubli

Regarding the dowry, Bubli said that Shakib paid the dowry a few days after the marriage. After marriage, he went to Taj Mahal-Ajmer Sharif. Since we are busy when we sit and eat together, this moment is a nice time for us too.”

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The topic of Pari Moni also came up at the event. Bubli said: “If the story about a mother’s feelings and struggle with her child agrees with someone and if someone makes fun of it, that is a very sad thing.”

In the previous episode, Bubli claimed that Shakib and she are not separated. “We take our time,” says Bubli. We are not divorced. There are many misconceptions about marriage. Fight alone with Shehzad. From then on, I never disrespected him as the child’s father. I never attacked, but always reacted when something happened. I want Veer to grow up in a healthy environment. There was news in the media that I was thrown out of Shakib’s house. But it never happened. “Everyone in Shakib’s house respects me.”

Now oathPublished on Ul Fitr Shakib Khan with’the prince.’ Audience demand for the film is already high. On the other hand, two films of Bubli are released oathE.A’The land of walls‘, the other ‘Maya.’

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