Scheduled for July 27, 2022, the Black Adam by Jaume Collet-Serra was able to reveal himself during an enigmatic (but not less first) excerpt revealing his super-vigilante who looked like he was slaughtering mercenaries. Dwayne johnson had warned him, his Black adam will not be there to be nice but rather present to violently tatan baddies.

It is in this first solo film that the character will be introduced before a potential appearance. (in a post-credits scene?) For the movie Shazam !! Fury of the gods which will be planned for the year 2023. In any case, the project seems praised by the actor of Jumanji, Rampage and Red Notice since he appears to have ardently prepared himself for the role and accompanied his Twitter post with this:

” You are right. Superheroes don’t kill bad guys. But I do. The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change. I am honored to share with you the new coverage of Total Films ”.


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