A woman took her deceased uncle’s body to the bank to apply for a loan

Rio de Janeiro police arrested a woman who took her deceased uncle’s body to a bank with the aim of withdrawing a loan of about $3,200.

The affected person is Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes, a 42-year-old Brazilian woman who took her relative in a wheelchair to withdraw the money on her behalf.

Employees were stunned when they saw this scene and notified authorities. The videos captured inside the bank and from surveillance cameras went viral.

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The images show the woman holding the man’s head without support, who did not respond or move. Also try holding a pen in one of your hands to pretend you are signing the loan documents.

“Uncle Paulo, are you listening? You have to sign. “I can’t sign for you,” says Erika. At the end of the video.

Bank officials asked if the man was OK, but the woman said she would take him to the hospital.

However, agency employees called the police, who confirmed that the alleged uncle, identified as Paulo Roberto Braga (68 years old), was dead.

Érika’s lawyer, Ana Carla de Souza, stated that Paulo died in the bank branch. However, the information was denied by the civil police of Rio de Janeiro.

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Authorities concluded that death would have occurred at least two hours before he went to the bank because the body evidence showed the man did not die while sitting.

It remains unclear what the cause of death was. The police are also looking for the contact information of the driver of the application who took Érika to the bank branch in order to understand how the body of the deceased was transported to the bank.

The woman was charged with attempted robbery and defamation of a corpse and was detained pending a hearing to clarify her situation.

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