Cyberattacks at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona ask for a ransom of 4.5 million dollars

this week the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona You have suffered a cyber attack which has rendered your computer system inoperable. This is a ransomware cyberattack that, according to the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency, is attributed to a group of cybercriminals called Ransom House.

The hospital’s medical director, Antoni Castells, lamented that due to the cyberattack, more than 4,000 outpatient analyses, more than 300 interventions and more than 11,000 outpatient consultations were interrupted.

The perpetrators of the cyber attack on Hospital Clínic de Barcelona demanded a $4.5 million ransom release and not publish the data they obtained.

To return to work, the hospital needs, on the one hand, to know the origin of the attack in order to be able to close the doors and prevent it from happening again. On the other hand, you will have to restore the information from the backups you have.

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