Covid-19: Google will integrate vaccination certificates into Android

Google has just announced the upcoming integration of its Covid-19-related health documents into Android. The American company has updated its operating system’s integrated password system to allow users to store a digital vaccination card, known as a Covid card.

This feature, initially available in the United States, will provide medical professionals, government organizations and local authorities the possibility of scanning vaccination certificates, negative PCR tests or even recovery certifications.

For vaccinated people, this Covid card will indicate the date of injection and the name of the vaccine, the identity of the structure that administered the precious product to you, and details of your future appointment, if any. just the first injection. Same principle for the PCR test, with the type of test performed, the result, the date and the name of the entity that performed the test.

The Covid card can be registered from your healthcare provider’s app or website and users can access it from a shortcut on the Android smartphone home screen. The main advantage is that you will be able to open it even if you are offline or in areas where the Internet connection is poor.

Regarding data security, Google wants to reassure: no medical data will be stored in the company’s cloud, and will not be used for advertising purposes under any circumstances. On the other hand, Google will record the number of times you use it and the date of each use.

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