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The Mexican Carlos Rivera considers it a success that a singer-songwriter like him can succeed in the present music scene dominated by urban rhythmsin an interview with EFE on the occasion of the concerts in the United States of the tour “Un Tour a Todas Partes”.

We are an endangered species. It means a lot that in the times we live in, a singer-songwriter is being listened to,” said the 37-year-old artist, who will begin a tour of 17 cities in the United States on June 7, in Denver, including New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Rivera, who has international hits such as “Que lo nuestro se queda nuestro” and “Me muero” in his career, also pointed out that he feels especially happy for the fact of performing in cities in the US that he doesn’t even know personally but in which he has followers.

The tour of the United States is divided into a first part that will end on June 18 in Seattle (Washington) and a second that will begin on October 13 in El Paso (Texas) and will take until November 5, the date it concludes. in Orlando, Florida.

I am very excited about this tour because I will perform for the first time in some cities“, highlighted the singer-songwriter, with already seven studio albums behind him and collaborations with artists such as Juan Gabriel, José José, José Luis Perales, Gloria Estefan or Laura Pausini.


Rivera pointed out that the concerts he performs are also becoming numerous, such as the one he offered on April 15 at the National Stadium in the capital of Costa Rica.

“In Costa Rica I performed in front of 20,000 people, a success that I hope will be repeated,” said Rivera, who gained notoriety in the theater with roles in works such as “The Lion King,” “Mamma Mia” and “Beauty and the Beast” in Mexico and Spain.

Regarding the show that he will offer his followers in the United States, Rivera pointed out that it is a production of about 2 and a half hours in which 9 musicians and 4 dancers take part and in which his years of experience in musical theater can be seen. .

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“Making a 17-concert tour of the United States is an achievement, although the important thing is to stay for many years, something that I have focused on,” said the singer, who in 2004 entered the La Academia musical contest in his country.

Rivera stressed that he has many projects ahead of him and that despite having already worked with great artists, he would like to do so in the future with singers such as the Spanish Joaquín Sabina or Joan Manuel Serrat.

The Mexican assures that he will continue to be faithful to his style, but that he has no objection to opening up to other musical trends, as long as he “feels that it is not “out” of his desires.

“I do not restrict myself because music is music, but I would not change the genre,” he said, to clarify that he has always felt like a ballad singer, which has not prevented him from collaborating with artists like the Puerto Rican Pedro Capó who are close at a more urban pace.


For the artist, his country, Mexico, has known how to get on board with changes in styles such as mariachi or northern music “that had been done in the same way for a long time.”

The globality that today is present in all places has been, as he explains, a point in favor of his music being increasingly valued in different Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Ecuador or Costa Rica.

“In Argentina we have managed to gather up to 20,000 people in some concerts and in Chile more and more people follow me,” said the singer-songwriter, after recalling that his music in Spain is highly valued.

“Spain has been very important to me since my role in ‘The Lion King'”, he recalled, a fame that helps him to tour that country with eleven concerts between July 18 in Madrid and September 9 in Seville .

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