The 31-year-old police officer was charged with the murder of Carlos Cuadro in San Antonio and will go to prison

The judge of Canelones issued charges this Saturday police 31-year-old arrested over the disappearance of 70-year-old Carlos Cuadro, whose whereabouts have been unknown in the city since April 5 Saint Anthonylocated north of the Canelones department.

At the request of the Canelones prosecutor, Luján Gómez, he was charged with a particularly serious crime of murder and, as a precautionary measure, ordered to be placed in preventive detention for 180 days while the investigations by the Canelones prosecutor’s office and police continue.

Prosecutor Gómez pointed out that the classification involved homicide, which was particularly aggravated by the fact that it involved the execution of another crime, namely the theft of the money that the victim deposited in his account at Banco República had.

At the prosecutor’s office, in the presence of his defense, the police officer admitted to killing Cuadro, but argued in exoneration that he killed him because he was attacked by the victim. “He states that the victim asked him to withdraw money and that when he gave him the money, he reprimanded him for keeping money that was not all of the money withdrawn,” the prosecutor said.

Gómez concluded that the police officer routinely withdrew money at the victim’s request and that this was proven by the statements of various people in the city. He said they knew each other as neighbors and had no relationship beyond that.

The prosecutor said the police officer withdrew money in the early hours of the day Cuadro disappeared. The prosecutor’s theory in this case is that he killed him that same day and then made new withdrawals.

The evidence collected so far suggests that the police officer acted alone, but prosecutors did not rule out the involvement of other people. “As the body was not found and an autopsy was not possible, it cannot be ruled out that no other person was involved,” he said.


Police resumed the search for Cuadro’s body from 7 a.m. this Saturday. The task focused on the Cañada Grande landfill. The search was carried out on Friday and resumed this Saturday with the assistance of members of the Republican Guard.

The perpetrator sent a car to Aguas Corrientes to be washed because it had blood stains on it. The man said the blood resembled that of a dog.

The killer admitted to dumping the victim’s body in a dump truck, which is why searches are focused on the area of ​​the dump.

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