Carl Pei confirms the release date of Nothing Phone (2)

Nada previously revealed that its next Android smartphone would be officially announced over the summer. Although that schedule is vague, we now know more precisely when Nothing Phone (2) will be released.

The good news was given by Carl Pei, the CEO of the young British company. In an interview with Forbes, he confirms that the Nothing Phone (2) will be officially unveiled next July.

Nothing Phone (2) will be presented in July

We still don’t have a concrete date for the reveal of Nothing Phone (2), however these statements already give us a more limited time frame. That is, we will have to wait a month or so to know this device.

Phone Nothing (2)

In addition to talking about Nothing Phone (2)’s release date, Pei also revealed its battery capacity. In fact, this will launch with a cell of 4700mAh.

During this interview, Carl Pei focused a lot on the role Nothing Phone (2) will play in the North American market. This will be the company’s first smartphone to be available in that market since its launch, and Pei expects the United States to be very important to its success.

In a market dominated by Apple products, Carl Pei hopes his Android smartphone can shake the waters. The executive wants Nothing Phone (2) to establish itself as an excellent proposal for those looking for an alternative to the products of the North American giant.

We already know that the Nothing Phone (2) will launch with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. Although many are reluctant not to bet on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Pei reveals that the effort would not be justified.

He recently stated that he preferred to opt for a more optimized SoC with proven results in the market. And the truth is that this processor is still an excellent option, even in mid-2023.

Now we will have to wait for the company to announce the specific date of presentation of Nothing Phone (2). We hope that these data will be revealed soon.

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