Can ChatGPT compose a tweet that will make Elon Musk himself respond?

A Twitter user recently shared what happened when he asked OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI chatbot to “Drafted a tweet that was statistically more likely to get a like or comment from Elon Musk.”

“Exciting times for space exploration! I look forward to seeing how @SpaceX will continue to push boundaries and expand our knowledge of the universe!«. replied ChatGPT. The chatbot included an emoji of a 🚀 along with the hashtags “#SpaceX #Mars #Exploration”.

Twitter User Felt ChatGPT “Nailed It”. Elon Musk disagreed with that assessment.

“Missed the targetMusk tweeted in his response. I hate hashtags.


However, Musk’s opinion doesn’t mean that ChatGPT hasn’t nailed it. The chatbot AI was asked to create a tweet that would receive a reply or a like from Musk, not that I created a tweet that Elon Musk liked. And there he was, replying to the tweet.

ChatGPT’s response is the kind of tweet that would get Musk’s attention. It’s a tweet celebrating one of Musk’s companies, which he regularly interacts with.

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