Home Sports A colossal Hugo González rescues Madrid

A colossal Hugo González rescues Madrid

A colossal Hugo González rescues Madrid

The final phase of the Euroleague under 18 has already begun. Let’s remember that the eight participating teams will be divided into two groups of four, which will play a format of all against all during the first three days of the tournament.. The winners of each group will meet in the final this Sunday the 20th to decide the champion. And Real Madrid has started with victory. Very suffered against Red Star who threatened to come back thanks to a spectacular last quarter (13-29 partial) in which they tightened a game that seemed decided for the whites and that had emotion until the last minute. In the end, victory for Madrid, one of the main favourites, 85-81.

Hugo González, one of the promises of the youth team of the capital team, was the highlight of the duel. The young point guard finished with 24 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals, although he also turned over 6 turnovers. ANDHe was accompanied by Ismaila Diagne and his power in the area (17+15, for a PIR of 31), of Egor Demin’s 14 goals and 7 basket passes and Jan Vide’s 19 from the bench. At Red Star the constant threat was that of Nikola Topic, who scored 39 goals for a PIR of 48. He went a lot to the personal (15 times, for 14 hits) and also added 6 rejections and 8 assists. His performance was great, although not enough for Red Star to complete their comeback.

Real Madrid seeks its fourth title in the continental competition after the conquests of 2015, 2019 and 2021. In the last of those titles, the MVP was Eli Nndiaye, currently part of the first team.

The Barça, victory by the minimum

The team that also opened with victory was Barcelona. It was for the minimum (67-66) and against Panathinaikos. The Greeks took the lead with 31 seconds to go, but Dame Sarr, who finished with 14 points, scored the basket that gave the Catalans victory. The best of the game was Yousseouff Traoure, who had 11 points and 23 rebounds. At Panathinaikos, Andreas Koustenis added 18 goals. Great victory for Barça, necessary to start the final part of the continental competition on the right foot, which it seeks to conquer.

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