Bullitt Satellite Connect: discover the service that promises foolproof communication in 2023

THE bullitt, a British smartphone and technology company, unveiled its much talked about two-way satellite messaging service at CES 2023. More specifically, the Bullitt Satellite Connect service. Your promise? Infallible communication already in 2023.

The service will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2023, effectively reinforcing our confidence and focus on these promising innovations. In fact, we already have big brands like Motorola, among other manufacturers in the sector.

Comprehensive satellite communications is the Bullitt promise


Motorola and Bullitt have confirmed that the next device in the Defy range will be the first smartphone to support Bullitt’s satellite messaging service. That is, very soon we will have the first smartphone that integrates these capabilities.

The companies have a strategic brand partnership to develop rugged phones under the iconic Motorola brand and reinforce that commitment. In particular, with the launch of this highly advanced connectivity feature in a Motorola smartphone.

Motorola will incorporate this technology into one of its upcoming Defy smartphones

According to Bullitt herself, the technology provides communications for any user who has already felt the frustration that the lack of mobile coverage brings with it. There, Bullitt Satellite Connect brings reliability and peace of mind to millions of people who live, work and spend time in places with less robust coverage.

Bullitt has developed proprietary software and service components to send satellite text messages through an easy-to-use OTT application (Bullitt Satellite Messenger).

The service is the culmination of two years of close working relationships with the most advanced technology partners in the field of NTN (non-terrestrial network) communications.

This includes the world’s leading chipset provider MediaTek, leading critical event response specialists FocusPoint International and Skylo, Bullitt’s satellite connectivity partner.

Mediatek is another company that works with Bullitt


Skylo built and operates the network to provide Bullitt’s “always on” satellite messaging service. Plus, manage connections to devices through existing and licensed GEO satellite connections such as Inmarsat and others.

Motorola, an iconic brand in the communications industry, has always been at the forefront of identifying new technologies that later become industry standards.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the next device in the Defy range will be the first to feature Bullitt’s two-way satellite messaging technology. Something that can offer Motorola customers the most advanced and reliable smartphone connectivity in the world.

The service works by combining Bullitt smartphone hardware and the OTT app, Bullitt Satellite Messenger, to send messages to any smartphone, anywhere outdoors.

The service will first try to connect via Wi-Fi or cellular as usual, and if neither is available, it will connect via satellite. Anyone can receive the message as a simple SMS on their mobile phone and can respond by downloading the respective application android either iOS.

The cost of the messages will be deducted from the subscriber’s satellite messaging plan at no cost to the recipient.

SOS Assistance is free for the first year and subscription plans start from €4.99/monthwith higher usage plans also available.

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