The blockchain startup lancetogether with the consultant and developer Block Impulse, a solution will allow companies to have their own NFT creation and trading platforms in a matter of days. The project represents an advance for the generation and commercialization of NFTs in our country in an agile, personalized way and with high security standards.

YourNFTcreator: create and sell Non Fungible Tokens

NFTs are tokens that act as a digital ownership certificate based on technology blockchain. This allows an asset to be digitized and marketed immediately, with unalterable confirmation of authenticity and traceability (owners, prices at which it has been sold, etc.). The model has had an important boom in the art world, where certain artists are marketing their works through NFTs.

One of the best-known cases is that of the artist Beeple, who sold his digital work ‘Everyday’s: the first 5000 days’ as an NFT for more than $69 million at auction. It is a collage of 5,000 digital images that the artist created and added to over thirteen years. When sold as NFT, the owner has the certification that the work is authentic, avoiding possible forgeries and with an unalterable record of the transaction and authenticity.

Given the popularity and usefulness of the concept, Blocknitive joins forces with Block Impulse to launch YourNFTcreator. An agile and secure environment to activate marketplaces in which to create and market NFTs. An example of this type of platform would be, to develop real estate assets through blockchain, managing to turn into an easily accessible digital asset integrated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, something that until now was not available to everyone. Xperiend makes real estate accessible, easy, secure and transparent.

Another example is with different designs under NFTs. some important national brands are already working on the creation of these spaces through this solution proposed by both companies.

What can be done in YourNFTcreator?

The company or organization may personalize fully design your marketplace of NFTs, which will be adapted for mobile devices. It will be the full space managerallowing not only the sale, but also the creation of NFTs.

With this, the owner of the marketplace will generate recurring income from royalties, with an automated sales system in which intermediaries are eliminated. YourNFTcreator also allows connection to digital wallets, which will facilitate transactions using cryptocurrencies.

A secure environment to create and sell NFTs

To ensure the traceability and security, the system is based on the Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon network, being accompanied by experts throughout the creation process.

Some security standards that have become critical, based on the latest news related to the sale of counterfeits and certain frauds in well-known NFT markets globally.

“The NFTs favor a democratization of certain purchase and investment models, by allowing the division of rights or properties in parts. In addition, it represents an important advance in the field of copyright, by generating recurring income for creators for each of the transactions or increases in value of their work.”, recalls Miguel Peco Perea, director of business development at Blocknitive.

From Block Impulse they emphasize the impact of traceability for copyright in these blockchain-based models. “Until now, an author sold a work and only generated profits with his first transaction. The NFTs establish an unalterable traceability that allows property rights to be maintained in successive commercialization of the same product. What a breakthrough for creators”.

All these advantages can be associate with brand valuesallowing the creation of a community in various sectors, with advantages for both end users and companies that create NFT markets from YourNFTcreator.

“NFTs are applicable to any issue. Not just digital art. Any asset can be ‘NFTed’, being released onto the network under the previously described traceability, security and monitoring conditions. In this way, we find cards, works of art, stamps, coins or any collectible item that can be ‘authenticated’ by creating its NFT, and marketed under this modality, with the advantages described above.”, they remember from Blocknitive.


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