The most coveted Bluetooth headphones on the market are those from Apple. AirPods Pro, a product that stands out for its active noise cancellation, as well as for its ease of use and pairing with the iPhone. Now, they are at the best price on Amazon Spain with free shipping to Portugal.

Compared to the regular, flat price of € 279, AirPods Pro now cost € 199 during the week of Black Friday. It’s the best time to buy these premium Bluetooth headphones, perfect for anyone using other devices in the Apple ecosystem.

Grab AirPods Pro at the best price on Amazon

Learn more about AirPods pricing and shipping on Amazon

Apple AirPods Pro Bluetooth headphones work for up to 5 hours on each earbud, or up to 24 hours with the carry and charge case. In addition, they belong to the group of products classified as True Wireless Earbuds (TWS).

This means that all device control is done wirelessly. Therefore, just touch its side surface to control not only the playback of multimedia content such as music, but also to answer or reject calls.

These Bluetooth headphones are the perfect gift for Apple users or anyone looking for their first (good) earbuds to use with their phone. This product has the Apple H1 processor and supports Space Audio mode.

The perfect Christmas gift for Apple users

Apple AirPods Pro

Learn more about AirPods pricing and shipping on Amazon

Also noteworthy is the resistance to perspiration and water (IPx4), with fast charging in the box that, as far as you are concerned, can be charged via Lightning cable, or via Qi (wireless). The case is simple, with a timeless design, just like the headphones.

Please note that each earbud has silicone tips for comfortable wearing as they are earbuds In the ear. Therefore, they are also able to better isolate outside noise, doing so not only actively, but also passively.

During the week of Black Friday the 29% discount on the usual value allows you to save up to 80 euros when buying these good Bluetooth headphones. It should also be noted that shipping to Portugal is free and not subject to customs.

In short, this is one of the best gifts you can give to an Apple user, or of course, a little whim for yourself.


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