Bizarrap and Natanael Cano together in BZRP #59 (and of course there are memes)

What you need to know:

The Argentine and the Mexa singer meet in a strange session that has two sides… literally.

It is known that the Mexican region and in particular the Corrido Tumbado reached its peak. So it was just a matter of time Bizarrap and Natanel Cano will work together.

Well, it’s not new that the Argentine producer is getting involved in this thing. Let’s remember that not so long ago A featherweight session was scheduled and for some time now there have been artists of Mexican origin such as: German, Snow Tha Product, Aczino and others as guests.

So the BZRP Music Session #59 with Bizarrap and Natanael Cano

Bizarrap and Natanael Cano decided to divide this music session into two chaptersin the purest style of what Residente was doing at the time (well, he divided his participation into many chapters).

But there are some interesting things here. The first is that the session itself is based more on a rap/trap beat What a surprise The guest artist talks about cHow did you overcome adversity and now all you think about is spending?.

Bizarre Natanael Cano
Illustrative image. Photo: Instagram.

And here Nata throws in various references comparing herself with artists from different eras, such as: Lil Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Gardel. Here you can see that Bizarrap wants to give the sessions a different flavor by no longer just keeping the name under the BZRP label, but but incorporating titles in form, in this case “Endiamantado”.

But Bizarrap and Natanael Cano had another surprise. After the session is over, they show us another song – almost like that hidden trail or B-side – called “Among the 20”.

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Here it is noticeable, well, the Argentine complements the Mexican corrido and the regional style of the Hermosillo native. It even comes with an official video and all the vibes. Check it out here.

The memes and reactions to Nata and Biza’s session

What do you think about the Bizarrap and Natanael Cano session? Well, as expected, the memes didn’t wait to launch the collaboration. Here we leave you with some reactions to the two songs.

Bizarre rap Natanel Cano
Memes from the Natanael Cano and Bizarrap session. Photo capture.
Bizarre rap Natanel Cano
Memes from the Bizarrap and Natanael Cano session. Photo capture.
Bizarre rap Natanel Cano
Memes from the Bizarrap and Natanel Cano session. Photo capture
Bizarrap and Natanel Cano
Memes from the Bizarrap session with Natanel Cano. Photo capture.

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