Attention Vodafone customers, these are the new prices in Portugal

From the day March 1, 2023 the clients Vodafone in Portugal they will be subject to new “updated” prices with a maximum increase of 7.8% in the global amount of the invoice.

The measure had already been announced, but now we know the exact values ​​of magnifications practice.

Thanks to the information published by the mobile communications service provider in Portugal, we can see how this increase will affect not only private customers, but also business customers and the respective services provided.

Prices already published by Vodafone Portugal for Private and Business Customers

As we already anticipated on a previous occasion, and we went deeper into the subject during the 4gnews 298 Podcast, Vodafone, like MEO and NOS, raised prices in Portugal.

“Vodafone Portugal will update the price of the telecommunications services provided to its customers from March 1, 2023, with a maximum increase of 7.8% in the total amount of the invoice. According to the subscribed services and in accordance with the terms and conditions established in the respective contract.

“The update was calculated with reference to the inflation rate, based on the Consumer Price Index for the year 2022 and published each year by the National Institute of Statistics.”

Example of the new tablet with updated prices for 2023.

Lists updated with the new values ​​of Vodafone Portugal

Without further ado, these are the official docs:

It is equally relevant to publicize the modalities of “Economical support“, good as”Other initiatives” promoted by this service provider in Portugal.

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As the operator himself states:

“At Vodafone we seek to offer the best solutions to our customers who are in a situation of special economic vulnerability or who wish to continue using our services at a price more appropriate to their particular situation.”

Finally, you can recap this topic and find trader trading tips in the latest edition of the 4gnews podcast, available now.

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