Apple to drop unique feature in upcoming MacBook Pro laptops

Apple could present and market a new model of Macbook Pro later this summer. Rumors have suggested a renewal in the more expensive and more advanced segment of Apple MacBook laptops, with analysts studying Cupertino’s designs.

Among the reported improvements is an improved version, possibly the second generation of the M1 processors themselves. Apple laptops are also expected to undergo aesthetic changes and abandon, for example, the Touch Bar, its unique features.

In particular, the high-end model will be presented with an improved version of the M1 chip. However, we do not know if such a processor will be called the M1X, or if it will assert itself as a full second generation, called M2.

Whatever the nomenclature of the processor, analysts at the DSSC agency believe that Apple will forgo the Touch Bar in future laptops. According to their predictions, the unique feature of Apple laptops will have no place in the future.

The stake is the report of the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSSC), shared by various media and specialized websites. According to this report, the Cupertino giant will mainly adopt AMOLED displays for all products.

It will do this on the upcoming 10.9-inch iPad, perhaps the cheapest model with an OLED display. On the other hand, the Touch Bar should be abandoned with the next Apple laptops.

According to the report from the market analysis agency, the iPhone maker will “cancel the Touch Bar” for its next model of Apple MacBook computers. This is, for now, a hypothesis, but the analysis agency lists some supporting factors.

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According to this, Touch Bar continues to be the #3 largest single application and feature, present in 18% of the units and responsible for 1.2% of the revenue obtained by Apple. Data which proves its popularity, but which shows the low impact, albeit positive, on the tax reports of the Cupertino giant.

As such, the company believes that Apple will pay more attention to AMOLED displays which will be present in virtually all iPad models. On the other hand, its presence in the notebooks will therefore be in limbo.

Finally, we recalled that this feature – the Touch Bar – was introduced by Apple in 2016. Its reception by the public was diffuse, with some users using it, mainly for video and image editing, while others did not even so much.

In summary, its abandonment is a plausible assumption for 2021 as Apple devotes effort and resources to other products and their unique attributes.

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