THE AppleiPhone It is undoubtedly the most popular mobile phone today. With the first generation launched in 2007, the first apple iPhone it was preceded, however, by several theoretical prototypes, and some functional ones, which we learned little by little.

Now we see a new prototype of the original iPhone that combined elements of one of Cupertino’s most successful technology products at the time, the iPod. More specifically, the control wheel for content playback, implemented in a phone.

This is one of the most peculiar prototypes of the Apple iPhone


It should be noted first that this material was provided by Tony Fadell, one of those responsible for the iPod, iPhone, as well as Google Nest, among other products. Fadell has now shared several images of some prototypes with the iPhone/iPod being one of the more unusual ones he revealed to the publication. TechCrunch.

A walk down memory lane just in time for #BUILD release last week! Who knew cleaning your garage could be so much fun… Thanks @bheater @TechCrunch PS Remember to always ask why?!#build book #BUILD treasure chest Out now! get your copy 👏

—Tony Fadell (@tfadell) May 9, 2022

The product in question shows us a peculiar cross between the memorable element of the iPod, the central wheel to control music and navigate the interface, with the format of a conventional mobile phone. The result? Well, above we can contemplate this creation, the result of Fadell’s mastery in the search for what would be the first Apple iPhone in history.


Keep in mind that Tony Fadell was one of several engineers involved with the iPhone project during the early 2000s, later working at Apple. More recently, the engineer and inventor released various details about his experience and involvement in some of today’s most iconic products, the iPhone being one of them.

Thus, on the back we see the Apple logo and a conventional keyboard, as well as a small screen and the iPod navigation wheel on the front. A somewhat strange mix, but representative of the preferences of the time.


Steve Jobs is said to have asked for a product with the best elements of the iPod, one of Apple’s most successful gadgets at the time. The result is the prototype presented above, which would then be discarded.

The company ended up opting for the well-known formula of a large screen that occupied almost the entire front panel, with a new operating system based on macOS. The result would be the iPhone as we know it, as well as the iOS operating system, fully optimized for screens. I touchedSensitive to touch.


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