The day begins with news for Apple mobile and tablet users. Precisely, the Cupertino technology company began to distribute the iOS 15.2.1, just like him iPad OS 15.2.1 for the Apple iPhone Y Apple iPad, respectively.

It is an update of considerable dimensions – 970 MB – but whose list of changes and alterations is frankly succinct, including bug fixes (insects) and stability improvements for Messages, as well as for the CarPlay platform, among other things.

There is a new update available for Apple iPhone and iPad

Official changelog / changelog for iOS 15.2.1 currently distributed.

Above we see one of the examples of the official list of changes or Change Log Introduced by iOS / iPadOS 15.2.1 version with little change compared to the previous update. The highlight, however, are the stability improvements to the CarPlay platform, as well as Messages and how it works.

In fact, it will solve the problem of messages that could not load the photos sent when using iCloud Link.

On the other hand, among the undeclared improvements, there is a reinforcement and correction of failures for the HomeKit platform, the IoT center of Cupertino technology for the control and management of smart devices / home automation.

The update is available to download and install on Apple devices

Apple released iOS 15.2.1 for all users 📲🔥

– Lennon 🎧🇺🇸 (@LennonBossa_) January 12, 2022

Therefore, for the 9C63 firmware build, the release notes are extremely brief despite the considerable size of this system software package.

According to official support page, the new firmware also fixes a security flaw in the HomeKit platform. In question was a bug that could compromise the use of the iPhone, making it unusable in certain scenarios.

In short, the update is now available for select devices. User can access iOS Settings / Settings / iPadOS – General – Software Update. There you will find the notification of a new update, as well as the option to install it.


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