Apple offers video calls with experts when shopping on its US website.

Most Americans buy technology online and many customers are in doubt when choosing between one model or another.

For example, you might wonder if 128GB of storage is enough or should you jump to 1TB, or if “Plus” is better than “Pro”. These are common questions that US customers will now be able to answer instantly thanks to the program “Buy with an expert” Apple Video on Demand.

Starting today, March 14, anyone in the US who purchases an iPhone through will be able to call a purchasing expert who will appear in a small video window floating over the web page.

Apple is leveraging its customer support team to handle video chats and guide Apple customers on everything from the right iPhone model to storage options, carrier plans and even financing options.

Unlike a traditional video call, however, the representative will never see you. Instead, you’ll join the call only as long as the Apple Expert stays on the screen guiding you through the purchase.

For now, this experience is limited to Apple’s offerings for the iPhone. However, Apple has plans to roll out the service to all of its top-selling products.

The service is available from 7 am to 7 pm Pacific Time.

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