Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID on sale in Portugal. But there is a catch

One of the good news when Apple introduced the new iMac was the arrival of a Magic Keyboard with a detail that has been requested for a long time: the inclusion of Touch ID in this keyboard.

Initially, the Cupertino manufacturer only made the accessory available to those who bought the new iMac. But it is already possible to buy the new accessory in Portugal in the normal version, or with a numeric keypad.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID prices in Portugal:

In both cases, Touch ID adds a value of € 50 to these Mac accessories. The added convenience is undeniable, but there is a downside to consider before “swiping the card.”

Magic Keyboard is only compatible with the M1 processor

Unlike other Apple Magic Keyboard, this version with Touch ID only works on models with an M1 processor. This means that if you don’t have a MacBook or iMac with Apple’s system on chip, you will pay an unnecessary € 50.

Magic Keyboard Compatible Models with Touch ID:

It should be noted that, in any of the versions, the new Magic Keyboard can only be purchased in white. It works via Bluetooth, and the box has a Lightning to USB-C cable, so you can charge it with the greatest comfort.

Learn more about pricing and shipping for the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID on Apple’s official website

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