Apple is considering a partnership with Google to bring AI to the iPhone

The iPhone could integrate Google’s Gemini AI model if According to media, Apple manages to reach an agreement with Google Bloomberg. Sources close to the subject mentioned in the article claim that Apple is interested in licensing Google’s artificial intelligence technology for its next iOS update.

The details of this collaboration could be announced in the presentation iOS 18 will take place in June at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at its headquarters in Cupertino. Analysts believe the company will be interested in introducing local artificial intelligence capabilities using internal generative artificial intelligence models. However, Tim Cook’s company needs to work with a provider that can offer a natural language model in the cloud. This would allow new features to be introduced into their devices, such as generative AI for Image creation and writing support for users.

Apple still has a long way to go in the area of ​​artificial intelligence

Most technology companies have worked hard over the past year to expand their artificial intelligence departments and implement innovations in this area within their companies. However, Apple has so far proceeded at a rather leisurely pace, but now needs to increase the pace if it wants to catch up with its competitors, which, in addition to OpenAI or Microsoft, also include Samsung, which already has some AI tools in its devices.

Working with Google could help Apple shorten the deadlines cited by CEO Tim Cook, who announced in February that it would launch generative AI by the end of the year.

Previously they would have tried to reach an agreement with OpenAI to use their GPT model in their devices, but it seems that no agreement could be reached, which has led to the search for new allies.

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An alliance with great advantages

This partnership could also be positive news for Google as the company’s AI system would be integrated into more than 2 million active Apple devices worldwide; and especially after the numerous mishaps it has experienced in recent months.

Last month, the company had to temporarily suspend its imaging feature after its model produced images with inaccuracies. Recently, Google also announced that it is blocking election-related queries on Gemini globally to prevent crashes and issues.

Although Google has already made developments for Pixel and Samsung mobile devices. Solutions introduced include: “Circle to search” This allows users to use gestures such as circling, highlighting, scribbling, or touching.

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