Apple is abandoning its Apple Car electric car project

For almost a decade, Apple has been working on a secret project under the code name “Titan” with the aim of revolutionizing the automotive industry with an autonomous electric car. However, Reliable sources now confirm that the company is abandoning this ambitious project.

The Titan Project has endured a tumultuous journey, plagued by technical difficulties, leadership changes, and ever-changing goals. Apple initially wanted to develop a fully autonomous car, but later narrowed its ambitions and focused on developing the underlying self-driving technology. Despite numerous iterations, the company has struggled to make the progress needed to compete in an increasingly saturated electric vehicle market.

Rumor has it that the car’s development costs have racked up billions of dollars while the release date has been pushed back further and further. As last, Apple has realized that building a car from scratch may not align with its competitive position in the current market.

Although the completion of its car project represents a major setback, Apple is unlikely to completely abandon its ambitions. The company could continue to play a role in developing software solutions for existing automakers or exploring augmented reality applications in vehicles.

With the cancellation of the electric vehicle project Apple is directing its resources toward the emerging field of generative artificial intelligence. This technology, which powers tools like ChatGPT, has the potential to revolutionize various industries, from search engines to creative content creation.

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